Annual Awards

College Scholarships in Haiti (Port-au-Prince)

The Foundation extends scholarships annually to graduates of Louverture Cleary School to those going to Medical School, studying Business Administration and Political Science at a college in Haiti.

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The Jim Keppel Award at Yale University

The Foundation has endowed an annual “Jim Keppel” award to the football player who best exhibits Jim’s work ethic, pride and dedication to Yale Football, as well as his ability to enrich the lives of his friends and teammates.

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Economic Growth Initiative for Haiti (EGI)

EGI takes ideas & informal businesses and turns them into formal operations that can receive investment. The James Keppel Foundation provides an annual contribution of $1000 to EGI.

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Yoga Foster Scholarship & Funding

The James Keppel Foundation is now providing a $500 scholarship and funding to Yoga Foster.

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Academic Scholarships at Holy Family School (PA)

The Foundation provides four $500 scholarships for students to attend Holy Family.

Scholarship for the Bethlehem Catholic Football Scholar Athlete (PA)

The Foundation also extends a $500 scholarship to the Football Scholar Athlete at Bethlehem Catholic.


Your donation contributes to our annual gifts and gives us the opportunity to expand our giving each year.

Martineau Isaac…I am now in my fifth year of medicine at UNDH (University of Notre Dame Haiti). I have been doing some clinical stages at the hospital and I do community service in an orphanage near my house. My family is very proud because I will be the first doctor in my family.

I would like to thank the Keppels for what they are doing for me. Now I am close to my goal and I think that without the Keppels I would not be able to be what I am about to become.

- Martineau Issac, 2005 Haiti Award Recipient

Nick Cirignano, a James Keppel Foundation trustee and Vice President of Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance, put together a short video on the Foundation for his company. Watch the video