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Martineau Isaac

I am originally from Port-au-Prince. I went to primary school in Cite Soleil, and then in La Ville. I came to Louverture Cleary School in my senkyeme year through philo class.

I am now in my fifth year of medicine at UNDH (University of Notre Dame Haiti). I am very proud to have made it to the fifth year, and I am very proud of those who are helping me. I like the school and the education that I receive. I have been doing some clinical stages at the hospital and I do community service in an orphanage near my house. After my sixth year I will be an intern in a hospital, and do community service for the state. I will finish in 2010. My family is very proud because I will be the first doctor in my family.

I would like to thank the Keppels for what they are doing for me. Now I am close to my goal and I think that without the Keppels I would not be able to be what I am about to become.