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Seide Beetorans

I am in my first year at the State University of Haiti studying agronomy. I had been living in a place where there were no plants, but when I arrived at Louverture Cleary School and began working in the compost and with plants I became interested in the field of biology and agronomy. So far I am finding the university to be a challenge because I am discovering new materials. I enjoy the classes and I think that I will succeed.

When I was young I never imagined going to the university. I thought I would only finish secondary school. I did not think that there was anything else for me. When I was at Louverture Cleary some alumni came and spoke to us and let us know that they were studying in the university and I realized my opportunities.

Out of the 2600 people that took the university entrance I was ranked number 34 and was one of the 100 students they accepted to the class. I am very pleased and would like to say thank you to the James Keppel Foundation because they thought of me and gave me a scholarship.