Louverture Cleary School Office of External Affairs

James Keppel Scholarship Report 2010

Martineau Isaac, Myrlande Saint Fort and Beetorans Seide were the recipients of the James Keppel Scholarship funds for the fiscal year of 2009. Martineau finished his last year of Medicine and is working on finalizing his internship in a clinic. Myrlande is working on completing her final year studying Linguistics, and Seide has two more years left to finish his degree in Agronomy.

Martineau Isaac

Martineau Isaac graduated from Louverture Cleary School in 2003. He has participated in a seven-year medical school program. He completed all seven years of studies and now he is about to complete his internship in Cap Haitian, Haiti. For the year of 2009 Martineau received $1,350.00(US) including tuition, transportation, books, and medical fees.

Martineau said:

“I didn’t believe that one day I would be a Haitian doctor, but thanks to God and to good people in the United States, especially Mr. Keppel, who help in this program in order to help Haiti through young men and women. This program is very special to me and I am very proud to be one of the future doctors in this program. It changes my life and helps me to achieve my goal, and thanks to you, Haiti has a doctor to add to her list to help sick people.

Since I was a participant of this program I had a plan for Haiti and I said to myself ‘Martineau, you must help Haiti through a special program.’ That is why I want to build a medical complex so that I can help sick people as well as those who are not able to eat before taking their medicines.

Thanks to God and thanks to this program my dreams came true and I am certain that in 10 years you will be proud of our achievements.

May God bless you.”

Myrlande Saint-Fort

Myrlande Saint-Fort graduated from Louverture Cleary School in 2006. She is attending a four-year program at the state university where she is studying Linguistics. She will complete the program this year. In 2009 Myrlande received $643.88(US) for tuition, books, transportation and medical fees. To complete her last year she will need to receive $616(US) in 2010.

Myrlande said:

“This scholarship means so much to me. I think it provides me the means necessary to achieve my goals. Several students in Haiti do not have this opportunity. I would like to thank the donors for the great support and hope they will be blessed so that they can help more Louverturians like I have various objectives after completing my studies. I want to become a very well known professional. I want to be able to help my family, and as a good Louverturian I want to help the country and to give back some of what I received as gift.”

Seide Beetorans

Beetorans, a graduate of LCS class of 2007, is attending the states university in a five-year program where he is learning Agronomy. He is in his third year and will need two more years to complete his studies. For the year of 2009, Beetorans received $685.00 for tuition, transportation, books, and medical fees. From January 2010 the present he has received $287.50(US). He still needs $397.50(US) to complete the 2010 fiscal year.

Beetorans said

“I am very delighted to greet Mr. Keppel and the members of the foundation. This scholarship helps me to succeed in my studies. My academic results are very good because I have help obtaining my school materials. It also motivates me to always be excellent and have a good behavior like when I was student at LCS. The scholarship means so much to me, as education is certain wellbeing, this program has deeply changed my social life.

My objective is to finish University and become a useful person for my country and to run an agricultural program to help the Haitian people and people around the world, thus, becoming a model through leadership as I have learned at LCS.”