Louverture Cleary School Office of External Affairs

James Keppel Scholarship Report 2011

Universities throughout the Port-au-Prince area suffered severe structural damage to their buildings as well as the tragic loss of faculty, staff, and students during the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Many closed temporarily in the months following as the country began to recover and rebuild. A few universities reopened in April 2010, others in June, while some will never be able to reopen. In particular, the only public university, the state university, did not open until June and finished its 2009-2010 academic year in December 2010.

Martineau Isaacs is now a doctor in Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Beethorens Seide continues to be a recipient of a James F. Keppel Scholarship, studying agronomy at the state university.

Seide Beetorans

Beethorens is a 2007 graduate of LCS and is studying agronomy at the state university in the Faculté d’Agronomie ET de Médecine Vétérinaire. He is currently in his fourth year of study in the five year program, and expects to graduate in July 2012. Due to the problems and delays resulting from the earthquake, Beethorens’ third year finished off-schedule in December 2010 and thus his fourth year of study began in January 2011. It is expected that an additional $1,100 US will be necessary to cover the projected scholarship expenses through his graduation in July 2012.

In his December 2010 end-of-the year report, Beethorens remarked:

“I recognize that my efforts are only complete through the assistance that I have received through the scholarship of the Keppel Foundation. My words and my expressions are not sufficient to express my gratefulness towards you, but I just ask you to receive these thanks, because they are coming from the bottom of my heart. Not all young people have the opportunity to study at a university, so this is a privilege. I really thank God because I was admitted as a student at Louverture Cleary in 2000, and I pray to Him so that He keeps giving opportunities to other young people to realize their dreams. I really thank the Keppel Foundation for having chosen me and given me this scholarship. May God keep blessing you and receive my best wishes.”